“What do you mean I can’t? I don’t know the meaning of the word!”
Many races have seen the peak of their civilization, from the sprawling Empire of the tieflings, to the mighty dwarven kingdoms, and even the majestic rule of the wise elves, but now it the time of man, and if the humans have anything to say about it, every civilization before them will pale in comparison.

Human beings fascinate the old races of Myth’ren. Their ambition is without equal, causing many to leave their mark on the world in the short (compared to other races) time they have. They are passionate, driven, and their amazing adaptability allows them to live in even the harshest environments. It is no wonder the race of man has a larger population than any other race walking, crawling, or flying over the world.

It is difficult to say where mankind came from. Unlike the other race’s they do not have a God whom they can contribute their creation to. Scholars speculate that humans came into existence as an amalgamation of every race, created by each of the Gods, as man has the capacity of good or evil, law or chaos, civilization or savagery, peace or war.

As man has settled in every conceivable corner of the world, their cultures and appearance vary greatly.

The Odren (Oh-dren) from the frostbitten north are as hard and savage as the tundra they call home. Their skin and hair are light in color, and their eyes are as blue as the deepest glacier.

The Otokai (Oh-toh-kye) from the mysterious east are fiercely loyal to their feudal lords, and believe in honor above all else. Their jet black hair, strange eyes, and bronze skin stand out anywhere in the world.

The Arturians (Are-tour-ee-ans) of the midlands and the west form many of the great kingdoms. Their kind is the most frequent to find in Myth’ren, with pinkish skin and hair of reds, browns, and blonds.

The Umgala (Ooo-m-gah-lah), who dwell in the jungles of the dark, southern continent are of dark skin and hair, and live in mostly tribal communities.


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